The goals of Hold Me Right are bold and far-reaching. To achieve them, we are raising funds for postproduction of the film, outreach, education, and social awareness campaigns. Imagine a world in which this documentary is regularly shown in classrooms, at universities, and in workplaces as a tool to promote education, empowerment, and empathy: this is the grass-roots movement to bring sexual abuse out of hiding, to empower survivors, and give their loved ones the tools to help. With your support, we will create change.

Hold Me Right is honored to have the opportunity to partner with our fiscal sponsor The Film Collaborative, which has provided non-profit 501(c)3 status. All donations are tax deductible.

Thank you for your support in our endeavor!


Hold Me Right captures the effects this trauma has on person (physical, psychological, mental, social and emotional) and showcases the struggle to survive, heal, reach safety, move on and regain the power, strength, justice.

All statistics provided above are from RAINN. Many more are available on their website.

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This project is made with the support of GLAM4GOOD RAINN, Safe Horizon and Voices and Faces Project.